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The Community is the best new way to collaborate and network in the music industry! We have created a stand alone platform for artists and professionals in the music industry to connect like never before.

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The main reason behind building The Community is to make it easier than ever to find other talented and motivated artists to collaborate with. Collaboration is crucial for an artist to improve the quality of their art and grow their fanbase. We have created a community of like-minded professionals to find each other and work together.


Anyone that has had success in the music industry knows how valuable a strong network is because no one makes it in the industry on their own. Now you can build a network of people that compliment your skillset, motivate or guide you, provide services that you need, and more! It has never been this easy to find exactly what you are looking for.


The goal is for you to be able to use The Community to get better, grow your audience, expand your network, and get to the point that you can be listed on and start making money. The more you collaborate and network, the quicker you can grow your reach. The better your art and the bigger your reach, the more money you can make in the industry.
"The community is something I always wished I had coming up! The best way to collaborate & network is here!"
Zachary Beck

Why The Community?


We have taken the best aspects of the various social media outlets and platforms you already use to make our layout as easy to use as possible. As soon as you sign up, you will be able to set up your profile, start interacting with members, and posting collaborations in minutes.


Our CTO Adam Pickney and his team are working every day on listening to your feedback to improve the website. We already have plans in motion to continue to add new features to the site throughout the coming year and we are always constantly evolving.


No matter what phase you are at in your career, you should always be trying to learn something new. Our blog is updated every day with free resources, industry news, tutorial videos, interviews, tips and tricks, and much more!


We are constantly partnering with some of the biggest brands in the music industry to get exclusive deals for members of The Community. Whether you need your music distributed, a new microphone, help managing your socials, or more … we have exclusive discounts for you!


We know how frustrating it is to have a website that you can’t use properly on your phone or tablet. We have taken the time to make sure The Community is just as easy to use on your phone as it is on your desktop. And did we mention an App is in the works?


The Community isn’t just for rappers and singers. You can find a variety of different industry professionals to help you. We have everything from Graphic Designers and Engineers, to Videographers and Musicians. Whatever you need, find the right person on The Community.


A Social Community Like Never Before.

We have created the first social community of its kind. The Community combines the best features from platforms you are already comfortable with like Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn and Instagram, and with custom features just for musicians. We know how important it is for the platform to be intuitive on mobile and desktop, so we have put in countless hours making the functionality flawless on both.


The result is a stand alone platform that easily allows you to showcase your work, find artists to collaborate with, and network with your peers like never before.


The main focus of the platform is to easily facilitate collaboration. The Collaborate Page will have 9 clear categories so you can post what you need (or what you are offering) and know that the right Members will see it.

User Profiles

Members of The Community will have their own facebook / linkedin style profile page. Upon sign up, they will fill out their profile information including their Spotify and Youtube accounts, a profile picture and cover photo, and more


When posting on The Community, you can upload pictures, songs, documents, .pdfs, and more directly to the site! This prevents you from constantly having to copy and paste URLs from file hosting platforms.


You can request to ‘Connect’ with other Members of The Community which is similar to a friend request on Facebook. If the other Member accepts your request, you will then be able to privately message that Member.


You can choose to ‘Follow’ anyone you want on The Community. This will make sure that their posts show up on your timeline and make it easier to interact with them. You can follow Members similar to you, Members who inspire you, or anyone you want!

Upvote & ranking

Get rewarded for activity and helping other artists. Members can up vote your responses and content.

Who Is The Community For?

We created The Community for all artists and professionals in the music industry. 


There are so many different types of people involved in each piece of art that the public sees, and you can find each of those people on our platform.

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