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The Community powered by Indie Amplify will be hosting new contests on the 1st of every month! Just join The Community, download the files for your category, and show us what you can do! There are 6 categories, and you can enter as many categories as you like! Scroll down to learn more about the contests.

Scroll down to learn more about the contests.

Official Contest Rules

All entries must be submitted by 1/24/21 at 11:59pm EST

Must submit as a reply (not a comment) to the appropriate discussion within the COLLABORATE page on The Community

Contest Categories


This is your chance to get a FREE verse from Vin Jay. This contest is an even playing field for anyone, no matter your fanbase or experience. There are 5 beats you can download, and you can enter one time per beat (so maximum 5 times total by downloading all 5 beats). Just download the beats and show us what you can do with it. Make it your own. And who knows, your next release might have Vin Jay on it.

1st Place:Vin Jay verse, Blue microphone, Camera


We have partnered with the legendary Jakob Owens for this contest! You have access to over 30 minutes of raw footage from Futuristic and Michael Minelli’s video shoot for their new hit 2K. Download the footage, edit it however you want with whatever after effects you want, and let’s see who can create the best 1 minute edit with the footage!
1st Place:posted on @JakobOwens page, tropic color bundle, learn music videos course

Graphic Designers

We want YOU to design our next piece of Indie Amplify merchandise! You can submit up to 5 different designs. In addition to having thousands of people wearing your design (including Futuristic), the winner gets $100 cash and will be listed on as a designer. Show us what you got!

1st Place:$100 cash & posted on IndieAmplify as a Designer


Attention all producers, let’s see what you got! Download the acapellas provided and show us what kind of production skills you have! If you can reproduce this song the best, we will list some of your beats on the Beat Store. We are excited to see what you can come up with!

1st Place:Listed on Indie Amplify as a Producer


We know everyone tries to mix and master their own music these days, but how good are you? Do you think you can make the best Master by using the real stems from one of Michael Minelli’s songs? Check out the contest below to prove yourself!

1st Place:Listed on Indie Amplify as a Engineer

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